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March 2013. Davide Patrucco, a computer engineer and consultant, and Federico Perotto, an entrepreneur linguist and lecturer, return from a seminar on innovation at the McCombs School of Business in Austin when… a tornado hits Texas, and the flight is delayed by four hours when leaving Austin.
In Dallas, the connecting flight to London has already left …

…and among the passengers looking for information, there is a substantial minority who, because of fatigue and poor knowledge of English, struggle to communicate their needs.
They waste time, feel embarrassed, their frustration increases because of the unpleasant situation, they feel they depend on strangers with whom there is no certainty of any mutual understanding. An interpreter would be useful in these cases …
Wouldn’t it be useful to have an interpreter on demand, on your smartphone or mobile, when you are in an emergency or struggling to understand and be understood? Davide and Federico came up with the idea in the hours waiting for flights to London, where they found themselves with plenty of time for discussion, thanks to a blizzard that hit England!
Arriving in Turin with an interesting innovation in mind, they spent the next years developing an “on the fly” interpreter in Italy, considering the difficulties endured daily by thousands of tourists in our little English-speaking nation. So …¬†

Let’s make it Kliir!

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